Customer/ & supplier

It is an important key to promote in CSR and fully working with customers and suppliers. Therefore, with the goal of establishing a stable and sustainable supply chain, we will assist suppliers to improve and upgrade projects including quality systems, environmental protection, green procurement and factory occupational safety and health through regular counseling and auditing.

In particular, the four steps are taken to examine the sustainability risks facing the supply chain. First, we examine the risk factors that may exist in the procurement, and then conduct risk mitigation measures through the risk assessment after the results analysis, through the mitigation of the risk impact plan, supplemented by the establishment of standard operating procedures . Finally cooperate with the supplier to minimize the risk of supply chain through continuous implementation of the operating plan.


Employees are an important asset of our company. We believe that is the key to success in the global market. Regardless of innovative products, technologies and services, it is necessary to rely on outstanding talents.QunHongtek follows the Taiwan related laws and regulations , cooperating with customer requirements and RBA to set labor policies and build a stable workplace environment.

Occupational & safety

Providing employees a safe and comfortable working environment is our purpose. And we continuously invest relevant resources ,improving the management system and implement the shared value of occupational safety and health.

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