SH&E Policy

  1. To comply with legal, customers‘ requirements and other requirements. To build a Safe, Healthy and Environmental protection, energy conservation working environment.
  2. All managers are committed to implement and improve daily environmental protection, energy, occupational safety and health management. Providing safe and healthy working conditions. Educate all workers and relevant stakeholders the mutual responsibilities of treasuring energy, natural resources and that occupational safety and health improvement shall not be delayed.
  3. Workers and workers' representatives have sufficient time and adequate resources to consult and participate in the operation of the environment/energy/occupational safety and health management system in order to achieve the purpose of full participation and consultation purposes.
  4. Practice continuous improvement. To prevention pollution, injury and healthy factors caused by operation. To sustainable environmental protection, eliminate hazards and reduce occupational safety and health risks, and support green procurement.
  5. Voluntarily enforce GHG(Green House Gas) inventory audit, control, and reduction. Promote material reduction, recycling and reuse. Setting energy targets, regular self-assessment.
  6. Establish and provide resources to maintain the management and operation systems for environmental, energy, occupational safety and health, to enhance those performance and objective management.
  7. Eliminate workplace violence, refuse unlawful infringement, implement workplace health management system, and establish a workplace culture of safety, dignity, non-discrimination, mutual respect and tolerance, and equal opportunity to promote workers' physical and mental health and family balance.
  8. Open to the public.

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