Training and development

We have planned various vocational development and training programs for employees in different periods, helping them transform themselves to talents. We expect our employees will continuously learn, grow and bring their talents into full play.

On Job Training

Cultivate the professional skills required by colleagues, and supplement the license appraisal test to confirm the individual's learning status. At the same time, each department will provide guidance for individual differences to improve the quality of work.

Off Job Training

We provide information about external , internal courses ,related resources and subsidies to promote their learning. On the other hand, we also encourage employees to develop the expertise and management skills required for the different stages of their work.

Self Learning

Self-education in the workplace is an indispensable part of career planning. According to the development needs of the organization, we provide various training channels for colleagues, and assist colleagues to expand their self-learning level and stimulate work-related potential

Become a talent

With a comprehensive on-line learning environment and off-line courses system, we can satisfy all kinds of learning and growth demends of our colleagues, and enrich your knowledge at any time. Talents will be cherished and arranged in the most accessible place.


Open the Gate & to Success

On the first day of entering the company, the newcomers will take course to learn about company culture, organizational characteristics, process, personnel regulations and welfare system, waste pollution prevention and labor health and safety.

Gateway to & Success

With the teamwork course , QCC team and others, the newcomers can learn the working methonds ,attitude and recognize the corporate culture and core values.

Building Successful & Models

Supervisors and senior colleagues play the role of facilitators, assisting newcomers to become familiar with job duties and creating performance through coaching and mentoring processes, and become another model of the group.

Talent Quality-management System

Since 2018, Qunhongtek got the Bronze award from Talent Quality-management System which made by Workforce Development Agency. We benchmark TTQS and follow the organizational strategy. Integrating internal and external sources provide high quality and diverse training. Shaping learning culture and facilitating employees’ competence development strengthen and create organizational values. Hope to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility.

Win Camp-Building core value of Qunhongtek.

Build the working value into new comer by team activity,and carry out the propose of company.

Inner/outter learning source apply- complete education system of Qunhongtek and Unimicron group.

Ens of courses is available for every staff, learning is boundless

Diversified learning ways – build up your vision.

Plenty of on-line classes on website, enrich yourself all the time.

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