R&D Headquarters

The most advanced PCB processes and products are as follows::

QHT has over 10 years of experience in rigid, flex and rigid flex PCB production in Taiwan. We collaborate with world-wide customers to develop new technology and products.We fully understand the customers requirement and market trend.Therefore, our main goal is to develop innovative products with superior quality and competitive price by using the advanced technology to fulfill customer needs.Due to thinner and lighter electronic products design requirements, we can provide customized services and develop advance technology, such as fine line and equipment automation in factory.

Mobile phone board

Camera module

PCB for Battery module

LCD module

Wearable product

Storage device(SSD、memory card)

Some of the new R&D technologies are listed below :

  • Fine line process
  • High frequency material (Low Dk, Low Df)
  • High Tg, thin dielectric material
  • Copper filled via
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